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June, 2018

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02.06 2018 to 03.06 2018
Ulichnaya Eda. Cheat Meal
02.06 2018
Gameshow The Fight Club

If you see this message, that's mean it's time to go out your comfort zone.
Yes, we will play The Fight Club, you will be the storyteller and Tyler Durden, you'll be Marla and common soldier, you'll sleep and will not sleep, you'll be yes about extremism and the project Smashing and against him, you should choose, where are you — on your side or ... on your side. No one variant is true and it is the complexity.

We are waiting for you at Art-zavod Platforma.

And something else, come to us in one of four looks: friction, which was personified by Brad Pitt, a business look of Edward Norton, black look of the fighter in the project Smashing or the look of enigmatic Marla Singer (all looks are approved, you are a boy or a girl).
Optimal quantity of members in a team – 6 people, you can invite the friends or find own team in the process of game.

The durability of The Fight Game is 2.5 - 3 hours.
In more detail about the game:
Book the tickets: (067) 500-18-13 або (095) 838-96-00.

09.06 2018
#VideoZhara. June 9-10

The biggest blogger festival in Kiev!

09.06 2018 to 10.06 2018

VideoZhara 2018 is the third international festival of videoculture.

13.06 2018
Franz Ferdinand/Kyiv/13.06

At 2004 these guys had realised the album of songs about how you need to hang out and pick up girls.

14.06 2018 to 22.07 2018
Expo. Exposure

The theme of exposure. 
Exposure of soviet past at us in present. 

15.06 2018 to 16.06 2018
White nights

The brightest fest of the capital White Nights vol.6 takes place at the 15-16th of June at Art-zavod Platforma. 

23.06 2018 to 24.06 2018
Charity Kurazh Bazar Flower power

Meet Little Woodstock at Kurazh Bazar June 23-24. There won’t be any rules. You will plunge into the positive atmosphere of freedom, love, happiness and harmony.