Artzavod Platforma

Art-zavod Platforma is the biggest and creative cluster in Ukraine.


09.12 2017 10.12 2017
Kurazh Bazar. The Christmas party
04.11 2017 05.11 2017
Ulichnaya eda. November 2017

The last month of autumn is named as the last festival Ulichnaya eda at Art-zavod Platforma, which will take the place at the 4th and 5th of November.

14.10 2017 15.10 2017
Kurazh Bazar The Birthday Party

And traditionally: 370 sellers will trade old and new things: clothers, shoes, accessories and other different things: from swimming glasses and vinyl to wedding dresses and must-have things.

23.09 2017 24.09 2017

Ulichnaya eda is the amplitudinous festival, which will take place at Art-zavod Platforma.

UPSHIFTING with Alexandr Shapiro
The opening of new fair, named FetishX0

     At the 7th of September will be the opening of a new fair, named FetishX0 at the territory of an artistic space AkT, where will be represented art-works of 9 artists from Germany and 48artists from Ukraine.

On Sunday, at the 10th of September The Charity Weekend with Masha Efrosinina. A healthy day will be held at the Art-zavod Platfroma.

     On Sunday, at the 10th of September, is going Charity Weekend at the Art-zavod Platforma. Healthy day. It is the biggest event in series of charity events of Your Support's project and Masha Efrosinina.

Coworking Platforma prepares a platform for the appearance the first Ukrainian "Unicorn".

2017 year started at the "Art-zavod Platforma" with an event that is important for the life of modern Ukrainian society.

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