Art-zavod Platforma is a progressive cluster for the growth of creativity and your own business. This is the place where work and leisure get together.


Huge modern space with stylish design solutions in the interior. There is a place for your own studio and for corporate events or parties.

A small private party, apartment style party, film screening, presentation – all of these will wonderfully come true in the place of 172 m².

Three floors of unlimited space with large windows and high ceilings: an interesting solution for an innovative office, creative studio or workshop.

Perfect place for the start or development of sewing or other small industries. There is also space for a yoga studio, photo studios and even galleries.

Big plans – big space! Food industry, powerful production, sports center – in Litera 3.3 there is enough space for any needs and for a comfortable neighborhood.

As spacious as Kiev Khreshchatyk, the street that will lead you from the central entrance to the very heart of Art Zavod Platforma. How many fairs, exhibitions and fun in its history our Khreshchatyk has seen.

A large tent, which gathers below all top food operators of the capital that prepare their dishes.

Small tent. There is never too much food court, right?

The largest area – 2362 m², which holds large concerts and festivities.

1676 m² for small festivals, corporate events, parties or any other plans of yours.

The perfect place to enjoy the weather and music from the main stage.

A static permanent stage, without which not a single festival at Art-zavod Platforma can be held.

The best place for entertainment: children zones at festivals, zones for sports and active games, zones for fun, trampolines and animation are usually placed here.

A place where, in the shade of the chestnuts’ greenery, you can arrange a lounge party or a BBQ picnic.