Coworking Platforma Art Zavod has hidden in a cozy corner of Art Zavod Platforma, in front of the cafe Fresh Black.

Here we can meet those who have found the Zen of relaxed work, lying on the grass, and ideological programmers who speak incomprehensible terms. Sometimes it is possible to eavesdrop on the conversations of the entire creative community.  The atmosphere of the place is unique – it sets you up for hard work and at the same time pushes you to be creative.

This is the place where the community gathers, which always waits for new members.

You can become a resident of Coworking Platforma Art Zavod by renting a place at the table or an office for the whole team. You can work in the lounge area, outdoors, there is also a kitchen, shower, gym, lecture hall, meeting rooms.

Coworking residents can regularly attend free English speaking clubs, massages, creative lessons, mafia games, and Art Zavod Platforma events.

If you are looking not only for a job, but also for a place with people close in spirit, with all the amenities for work, art space, then rent a place in Coworking Platforma and find everything you need.

Coworking Platforma Art Zavod