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Art-zavod Platforma is an intellectual campus, the biggest creative and cultural cluster in Ukraine with unique ecosystem.


23.06 2018 to 24.06 2018
Charity Kurazh Bazar Flower power

Meet Little Woodstock at Kurazh Bazar June 23-24. There won’t be any rules. You will plunge into the positive atmosphere of freedom, love, happiness and harmony.

13.07 2018 to 15.07 2018
Carnival Santa Muerte
21.07 2018 to 22.07 2018
Kurazh Bazar "Friends" edition
03.08 2018 to 05.08 2018
Ulichnaya eda
Sir Elton John at Art-zavod Platforma!
Kurazh bazar India Night Market. 25-28 may

India is back in Kiev! May 25-27 We will turn into Mumbai, the devotees will praise Krishna, and you will buy "new" and "old" in the grandiose night market, sing songs and dance Indian dances, draw mehendi and meditate. Draw bindi, put on sari and come!
The entrance:

Elton John at Kurazh Bazar India Night Market

May 28
At Kurazh Bazar Indian Night Market will be another extra day! The program was developed with the partners of the event, the Elena Pinchuk Foundation.
Who is the main guest?
Legendary singer - Elton John.

Kurazh Basar Jazz Only was held at 14th and 15th of April

Kurazh Bazar Jazz Only was held at Art-zavod Platforma at 14th and 15th of April. There were more than 20 thousands people in two days. They were walking, looking for vintage things cross the stalls at the stylest flea market in the country, enjoying with jazz notes.

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