Artzavod Platforma

Art-zavod Platforma is an intellectual campus, the biggest creative and cultural cluster in Ukraine with unique ecosystem.


22.09 2018 to 23.09 2018
Comic Con Ukraine
13.10 2018 to 14.10 2018
Ulichnaya eda
03.11 2018 to 04.11 2018
Ulichnaya Eda. Thanksgiving day
See you 15-16.09 at Kyiv Beer Festival!
Workshop: Fifa18 season closure!

Get exclusive knowledge about the development of Esports, check your strength in the game with professional esports athletes, immerse yourself into the atmosphere of gaming and learn how to create your own subscriber base!

Esports as a business - how to start personal career.

Residents about the spent time at studios at Art-zavod Platforma!

By supporting the young Ukrainian art we built 11 workshops.
The summer residence, where "lived", created, exchanged techniques and ideas of 13 artists.
Look at the stories of the people who created them.
Who else knows this place better.

Як пройшов Charity Weekend. Здоровий день на Арт-завод Платформа?

On August 25, the third Charity Weekend Festival took place at the Art-zavod Platforma!
It was unforgettable!
There were several concert scenes, more doctors,
a lot of activities for children, traditional star training!
We had 10,000 people.

Belomorskaya str, 1 (near Darynok Mall)

Kiev, Ukraine

044 461 88 10​